Take a Look at Some of the Design Features You Will Find on the Ford Explorer

When you need enough room to comfortably take the entire family where they need to go, it is time to look at the Ford Explorer. This is a popular three-row SUV that actually offers you a great deal. You will find that it has a lot of power to get you around town. Check out these features as well.

The third row adds enough seats to provide comfortably for seven passengers. If you do not need that many seats, the Explorer makes it easy for you to remove that third row. When you do that, you will still have seating for five in an even more spacious interior.

The E-Z entry second row makes it simple for your passengers to get in and out of the vehicle. They will just push a button to get the seats to move for them into a position that makes it easy to move around. Stop by McClary Ford and take this SUV for a test drive.

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