Safety Features Found in the 2019 Ford Transit Connect

The 2019 Ford Transit Connect could be the perfect passenger or cargo van for driving around Athens, AL. Filled with safety features, you can feel confident in driving in a wide variety of conditions. McClary Ford will take the time to show you different models that are available and educate you on your options.

Being able to see at night is important. The Ford Transit Connect comes with HID headlamps that are powerful and bright. They can be placed in the Automatic mode so that they turn on whenever they sense darkness. By turning on whenever your windshield wipers are going, they'll make sure that other cars can see you in the rain.

The Safety Canopy airbag system can deploy a variety of airbags if you get in an accident. The side-curtain airbags will protect the outboard passengers by deploying downwards and outwards.

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