Get Full Off-Road Control With The New Ford Ranger

There will be zero boredom when it comes to jumping behind the wheel of the popular new Ford Ranger. When it comes to driving off-road with control, the Ford Ranger is your best option if you are going to choose a new midsized pickup.

How can you complain with a transmission that shifts into four wheel drive while driving, and features the Terrain Management System that has the ability to adjust engine performance to fit the surface you are driving on? The electronic-locking rear differential makes it easy and effortless to switch from pavement to the rugged surfaces of the outdoors.

This powerful 270 hp truck is rocking the 2.3L EcoBoost to make sure you have no shortage of power, anywhere you decide to go. Now that we've got you all excited, the next step to owning the new Ford Ranger is to take it for a test drive yourself!



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