A Closer Look at the Performance Features of the Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is coming up. It has been evolving over the years, and you may see more of these vehicles on the streets of Athens, AL. Its new design is attractive and so are its performance features.

Start-Stop Technology

This feature is interesting. When the vehicle stops, the engine shuts off automatically. This helps with decreasing emissions, which is important in these times. Thankfully, they did not neglect comfort during these momentary stops. The music and air conditioner will stay on.

Smart All-Wheel Drive

This intelligent feature is available on the Titanium and SE model and is standard on the 2.7L EcoBoost® engine, V6 Sport. To prevent wheelslip, the AWD feature stabilizes torque between the front and rear wheels. This option is not available on all models, unfortunately.

You can explore more features if you take a test drive at McClary Ford. You can finally see if this vehicle will satisfy your needs.

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