There are so many different modern car parts created to help us drive better and more comfortably. One you may or may not be familiar with is the concept of auto-dimming mirrors. Today, your friends from McClary Ford are going to tell you all about how they work and why you may need them.

If a car behind you is flashing excessively bright headlights or high beams, the auto-dimming mirror will darken the mirror to reduce the reflection of the light. Auto-dimming mirrors often have sensors that help to detect and deflect the glare away from excessively bright lights coming from the car behind you.

This means that when you are driving at night, auto-dimming mirrors will help diminish the distraction of very bright headlights coming from the cars behind you. If you are interested in driving a vehicle with auto-dimming mirrors, simply head down to our dealership and speak to a team member.


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