The Ford Focus is Customizable with a Host of Performance Features

You will quickly discover that the Ford Focus is a popular compact car that you can tailor to your specific driving style. This is what makes the car so fun to drive. You can choose from seven different trim levels, each one sporting different performance features that you will enjoy in their own way.

When you choose the RS Hatch, for example, you will find that it comes with an Eco Boost I-4 2.3 Liter engine. This is powerful enough to church out 350 horsepower. It also delivers 350 lb.-ft of torque. Now, that is real power.

The Ford Focus also comes standard with a six-speed transmission. This provides you with enough power to get through virtually any type of driving condition. Just take a look at the various models and decide which you like the best. You can take the Ford Focus for a test drive when you pay a visit to McClary Ford.

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